Saturday, December 26, 2015

The ? Case...

I stitched the bear carrying the word LOVE. My pineapple wanted me to sew her a pencil case. I told her by the time I sew her one, she would have graduated from university or maybe retire from her future job, whatever she wants to be in future. But last Sunday, I made up my mind to quickly stitch that bear, the hubby was suppose to follow the design from the book but my precious said it was too complicated and for them both to study the methods of getting it right, my pineapple will really graduate from high school. So, my precious designed something simpler while the hubby worked on the sewing part. I wasn't too happy that it wasn't as what I wanted it to be, so I'll have to do it myself for the next one... hehehe... love you both... but that thing didn't even look like a pencil case. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Mattress Sheet by the Hubby...

That mattress sheet kept coming up! I totally hate that and not even one mattress sheet stays down. The elastic bends must have reached its capacity of being pulled. Three weeks mi madre and I were away in Kangaroo Land, and the hubby and precious had created shofar bags and sling bags! Since both of them were so good in using the sewing machine, I gave them a project. Hehehehe.. I buy cloth for mattress sheet, sew me one that will stay down!
It was last Saturday that I decided we should walk to Kamdar if it was not raining. It actually rained but it stopped when I arrived home. We walked to Kamdar and when we reached home that night, it was pouring cats and dogs. My precious started on measuring and drafting. I don't know who taught her how and what but she just did. In my absence, she even took over my kitchen. I think if I leave the house for two months, she would have been a wonderful cook and maybe she would have sewn her own clothes.
They were a good team. That sewing machine is my birthday present but until today, I produce nothing out of it. I still think it's very difficult to draft the design. Oh, the hubby even made the pillow cases. The lady in Kamdar was really helpful. She calculated how much cloth we needed but the Nepalese worker was perfect! He knows what he's doing and he gave out all the measurements needed. 
I just don't know how my hubby did all this sewing. I'm way too impressed. I don't care whether the sewing is crooked or not, it's just perfect. The ready-made mattress sheet ain't cheap so frugal me decide it's best to make our own. Just sewing four corners, won't die. Easier said than done. I have no idea how and what, but he did it!~ My precious took down all the measurements and if I were to cut the fabric, it would end up not straight at all. 
See how perfect it is!~ I'm not bothered with the thread count. It's the most expensive cloth for bedsheet in Kamdar. I believe what's written there as 100% cotton. All in all, I spent RM105 for the cloth and the elastic bends were RM6, the thread, I don't know how much. It's definitely cheaper than buying ready-made mattress sheet and it's more comfortable than those 350 thread count sheets. 
Anyway Yen's wardrobe does not have clothes only. I bet your wardrobe has more than just clothes. My hubby has inspired me to sew. He inspired me to cook now he inspired me to sew. He inspired me into gardening as well. I love my hubby. Fullstop.