Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mummy's Double Front Blouse...

This was done real quick. No interfacing or whatsoever. Just cut out two pieces from two different cloth and make two front pieces, no back piece. 
Mummy suppose to flip to the other side halfway through dinner but not that crazy enough to change. If I'm wearing that, I would have changed up then it's like you get to wear two different blouse at one go. 
My mummy is still more chio than yours ☝

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why My Mummy is More 'Chio' than Yours~!

This is my mummy's Mother's Day OOTD. Don't you think my mummy is chio? While others choose to wear monotone such as the usual black, white and blue, my mummy is wearing a different tone of blue with roses. Fresh roses will not last long, printed roses last longer. If it fades after washing, then throw~! I'll make a new one. 
So what's my mummy wearing? She's wearing a design that just pops out from my head one Tuesday morning. I started drawing on the brown paper, cut them out and then cut the cloth and got confused along the way. I do not have enough cloth for the sleeves. Don't even have enough Italian ice wash cloth for other parts of the body hence the use of the leftover lace from the second piece.
There's not enough lace for two sleeves. In the end I cut one sleeve from each piece and was left with almost nothing. Mummy loves it and my mummy is chio with the back lace and I did the patchwork on the back so as not to waste the leftover. There's no more of such cloth in Kamdar. I happened to step on it while looking for other cloth and persuaded the staff to sell me the half meter cloth. They have no use keeping the half meter in their inventory. It's better to sell to a desperate buyer.

PS. I've finally mastered the art of drawing and fixing sleeves~!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Simple Dress...

It took me only a few hours to have my dress done. All the mistakes were done earlier and I managed a zero-mistake dress for myself. I just hope that I don't forget when to add and when to reduce the measurement. 
Starting on another project soon...

The Story Behind The Four Blouses...

This is the most beautiful piece I've ever done and it looks perfect and it is perfect~! It came with a heavy price money can't buy. Before I started making this, I destroyed a piece of gold Shanghai brocade and killed my own maroon velvet. My drawing on the brown paper was imperfect and my calculation went awry. It has all to do with Maths and accuracy.
This was perfected with the help of mi madre. Many parts of the stitches were removed and re-sewn. It was tedious but worth all the hard work. I felt that I've achieved something and I learned better through mistakes. It was a rushed piece. Something in me just wouldn't change, I just can't bring myself to start anything early. We had a wedding dinner to attend and I have all the time in the world but I just had to start a project at the eleventh hour. The cloth was a perfect Italian print. 
I became really bold after making that red piece. I started on another project immediately. The orange chiffon was harder to handle compared to making a chiffon cake. I needed roughly an hour just to straighten the cloth. It was so soft but once the tedious part of consoling the cloth to stay quiet was over and combining the front and back pieces together completed, it was really nice to wear. I roughly figured out how much centimetres to add so that a hidden zipper would not be needed. I have mastered the sewing of hidden zippers but I just preferred blouses without any zippers. 
Before these two pieces, I made this satin red with white lace. Mummy likes lace. I have totally no idea how to make this but well... it's not a perfect piece coz I don't even like it. I just like the red but the lace was too compact that it stifled the red underneath. 
The first piece for mummy was for Chinese New Year. It was Korean satin and it was kinda scary making for someone else to wear. I have not even perfected my sewing skills. Well, I have to start somewhere right. My mummy is now my guinea pig model...

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Modern Baju Kurung...

I made one for my precious. I wanted to make another one for the cousin but it was too tedious and I gave up halfway through. I will leave the cloth alone and not disturb it anymore. I want to move on to other projects and yes, I'm impatient. I never have patience for anything in the first place. I'm just desperate to get things done and see whether I can do it or not.
Excuse the background. The room will always be messy because I stand firm on my belief that a house with productive humans will never be squeaky clean. You can only afford to clean the house perfectly if you have too much time in hand, with nothing better to do so you sweep, mop and wipe and do it continuously. I don't wake up to make my bed so I do not require my girls to do so, too. It has nothing to do with bad parenting. Sleep is essential, making the bed is not because I used to study on my bed all day long so my precious did the same thing. So, I don't see the point of making the bed when it would be covered with books, papers and eraser shit~!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Creator...

I learned quite a lot from the seamstress who is teaching me. She's one very patient Malay lady up in Balik Pulau. Yeah, I drive that far for my sewing class. I will not trade her for anyone else. I teach so I know what type of teacher I want for myself. 

I have fear of cutting the cloth. Yes, that's a very serious problem when you really need to cut that piece of cloth~! One mak cik who came over for chit chat told me that if I am so afraid to cut the cloth, how am I going to sew? 

Then, my sifu told me that we're the one creating the clothes, so we should know better. If it went out of shape, we could easily re-shape it. At that point of time, my mind switched into a different channel. Being a dreamer, you are able to do that. You spaced out a little while but you will still be doing your things effortlessly. 

I was thinking of our Creator, Abba Father up in heaven. There are times that we're so quick to look for a doctor with minor symptom or to pop some pills just to assure ourselves that we have the medicine in the system so it should be all right soon but we never even check with our Creator. Doctors actually know next to nothing. When you're in pain, the doctor asked you so many questions that you feel like you're talking to an idiot. They are not idiots, they just need the information to get to the root cause. Even your best friends will not know what is wrong with your body, what not doctors who can't even pronounce your name correctly. Doctors need to dig for your medical histories to understand your body and your current situation. But our Creator need not ask a single question. He created us, so He should know better. Of course, when one is not sick, it is easy to say no need to look for a doctor and just to sleep it off. Prayer is still the best medicine. 
I made this blouse because I thought it was simple. It looked simple but it was not. It was deceivingly simple. I realized that I like satin a lot. There are many types of satin and price matters. If you're not willing to pay more then you will get such low quality satin that before you even cut the cloth, the cloth will decide to rip itself apart. 

I did make mistakes on the drawing and I actually cut it out. I revised the pattern and I felt like a professional. I couldn't get it right the first time yet I have the courage to change the whole thing. In conclusion, I do not like this blouse at all. I do not like such neckline. Why on earth did I choose this? 

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I'm a perfectionist. Everything must be in perfect order. I wanted to try out all sorts of crochet patterns but the price of yarn, especially those made of wool and cashmere were such a put off. A skein of 40g costs at least RM42 and if I need to make a scarf, I will need to have 5 - 6 skeins of yarn of the same kind. That would be so expensive, I might as well buy the woolen scarf from retail shops.
When I am desperate, I will do anything to make sure I get what I want. I started clicking on the Internet to see what is in store. I found a yarn factory online and the price was really reasonable. It wouldn't hurt the pocket or the heart. I feasted my eyes upon all those yarns through the computer screen. To my dismay, they will only ship to Canada and the United States. Find~! I dropped a message to my friend in the States, I have some smart plan brewing in the head. I can just click click click and buy using the friend's address then the friend can ship the yarns to me. Then, it doesn't make sense. The yarns will be cheap even after conversion but the shipping cost will kill off the happiness.
Then I Google-d some more, changing the words and phrases I used in the search. Then Cotton House Store popped out in the search results and I started clicking and I saw the address. I just need to cross the bridge and drive for another 15 minutes before I arrive. I studied the map and brought my navigator along. You see, a desperate person will be willing to travel no matter how far it is.
We arrived half an hour later, it was a short yet long trip, and the moment we stepped into the store, oh, my.... it's a yarn paradise and the price is so reasonable I started buying. I'm not rich but I can afford to splurge on what I like and what I want. It's an irony really. I can tell you the price of the blouse at RM69.90 is too expensive and I don't have the cash to buy it but I can afford to spend RM200 on yarns. This is me. I have no time to have tea at the cafe with you but I have the time to drive across the sea to the mainland to have my fingers touching all those yarns from cotton, to merino wool, to thickish acrylic, baby soft acrylic, microfibres, pom poms and ivy wool. 
My student's mother wanted to go too and so we went again and I buy again. Then, it wasn't enough, I started to buy online and the yarns I ordered arrived in two days' time. Talk about being efficient. Cotton House Store is efficient and PosLaju is also efficient.
Now your pockets do not have to be slaughtered by those expensive yarns anymore, just click on this link www.cottonhousestore.com and you may start looking through your crochet or knitting projects or any projects which require the use of cotton cloth, and start putting those yarns into your virtual carts. 

No, I didn't get anything from advertising for Cotton House Store but I believe that if more people support this store, then the store will survive, flourish and expand. I need this store to be alive for my own good.