Friday, January 6, 2017

The Modern Baju Kurung...

I made one for my precious. I wanted to make another one for the cousin but it was too tedious and I gave up halfway through. I will leave the cloth alone and not disturb it anymore. I want to move on to other projects and yes, I'm impatient. I never have patience for anything in the first place. I'm just desperate to get things done and see whether I can do it or not.
Excuse the background. The room will always be messy because I stand firm on my belief that a house with productive humans will never be squeaky clean. You can only afford to clean the house perfectly if you have too much time in hand, with nothing better to do so you sweep, mop and wipe and do it continuously. I don't wake up to make my bed so I do not require my girls to do so, too. It has nothing to do with bad parenting. Sleep is essential, making the bed is not because I used to study on my bed all day long so my precious did the same thing. So, I don't see the point of making the bed when it would be covered with books, papers and eraser shit~!

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