Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Creator...

I learned quite a lot from the seamstress who is teaching me. She's one very patient Malay lady up in Balik Pulau. Yeah, I drive that far for my sewing class. I will not trade her for anyone else. I teach so I know what type of teacher I want for myself. 

I have fear of cutting the cloth. Yes, that's a very serious problem when you really need to cut that piece of cloth~! One mak cik who came over for chit chat told me that if I am so afraid to cut the cloth, how am I going to sew? 

Then, my sifu told me that we're the one creating the clothes, so we should know better. If it went out of shape, we could easily re-shape it. At that point of time, my mind switched into a different channel. Being a dreamer, you are able to do that. You spaced out a little while but you will still be doing your things effortlessly. 

I was thinking of our Creator, Abba Father up in heaven. There are times that we're so quick to look for a doctor with minor symptom or to pop some pills just to assure ourselves that we have the medicine in the system so it should be all right soon but we never even check with our Creator. Doctors actually know next to nothing. When you're in pain, the doctor asked you so many questions that you feel like you're talking to an idiot. They are not idiots, they just need the information to get to the root cause. Even your best friends will not know what is wrong with your body, what not doctors who can't even pronounce your name correctly. Doctors need to dig for your medical histories to understand your body and your current situation. But our Creator need not ask a single question. He created us, so He should know better. Of course, when one is not sick, it is easy to say no need to look for a doctor and just to sleep it off. Prayer is still the best medicine. 
I made this blouse because I thought it was simple. It looked simple but it was not. It was deceivingly simple. I realized that I like satin a lot. There are many types of satin and price matters. If you're not willing to pay more then you will get such low quality satin that before you even cut the cloth, the cloth will decide to rip itself apart. 

I did make mistakes on the drawing and I actually cut it out. I revised the pattern and I felt like a professional. I couldn't get it right the first time yet I have the courage to change the whole thing. In conclusion, I do not like this blouse at all. I do not like such neckline. Why on earth did I choose this? 

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