Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm a perfectionist. Everything must be in perfect order. I wanted to try out all sorts of crochet patterns but the price of yarn, especially those made of wool and cashmere were such a put off. A skein of 40g costs at least RM42 and if I need to make a scarf, I will need to have 5 - 6 skeins of yarn of the same kind. That would be so expensive, I might as well buy the woolen scarf from retail shops.
When I am desperate, I will do anything to make sure I get what I want. I started clicking on the Internet to see what is in store. I found a yarn factory online and the price was really reasonable. It wouldn't hurt the pocket or the heart. I feasted my eyes upon all those yarns through the computer screen. To my dismay, they will only ship to Canada and the United States. Find~! I dropped a message to my friend in the States, I have some smart plan brewing in the head. I can just click click click and buy using the friend's address then the friend can ship the yarns to me. Then, it doesn't make sense. The yarns will be cheap even after conversion but the shipping cost will kill off the happiness.
Then I Google-d some more, changing the words and phrases I used in the search. Then Cotton House Store popped out in the search results and I started clicking and I saw the address. I just need to cross the bridge and drive for another 15 minutes before I arrive. I studied the map and brought my navigator along. You see, a desperate person will be willing to travel no matter how far it is.
We arrived half an hour later, it was a short yet long trip, and the moment we stepped into the store, oh, my.... it's a yarn paradise and the price is so reasonable I started buying. I'm not rich but I can afford to splurge on what I like and what I want. It's an irony really. I can tell you the price of the blouse at RM69.90 is too expensive and I don't have the cash to buy it but I can afford to spend RM200 on yarns. This is me. I have no time to have tea at the cafe with you but I have the time to drive across the sea to the mainland to have my fingers touching all those yarns from cotton, to merino wool, to thickish acrylic, baby soft acrylic, microfibres, pom poms and ivy wool. 
My student's mother wanted to go too and so we went again and I buy again. Then, it wasn't enough, I started to buy online and the yarns I ordered arrived in two days' time. Talk about being efficient. Cotton House Store is efficient and PosLaju is also efficient.
Now your pockets do not have to be slaughtered by those expensive yarns anymore, just click on this link and you may start looking through your crochet or knitting projects or any projects which require the use of cotton cloth, and start putting those yarns into your virtual carts. 

No, I didn't get anything from advertising for Cotton House Store but I believe that if more people support this store, then the store will survive, flourish and expand. I need this store to be alive for my own good. 

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