Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Story Behind The Four Blouses...

This is the most beautiful piece I've ever done and it looks perfect and it is perfect~! It came with a heavy price money can't buy. Before I started making this, I destroyed a piece of gold Shanghai brocade and killed my own maroon velvet. My drawing on the brown paper was imperfect and my calculation went awry. It has all to do with Maths and accuracy.
This was perfected with the help of mi madre. Many parts of the stitches were removed and re-sewn. It was tedious but worth all the hard work. I felt that I've achieved something and I learned better through mistakes. It was a rushed piece. Something in me just wouldn't change, I just can't bring myself to start anything early. We had a wedding dinner to attend and I have all the time in the world but I just had to start a project at the eleventh hour. The cloth was a perfect Italian print. 
I became really bold after making that red piece. I started on another project immediately. The orange chiffon was harder to handle compared to making a chiffon cake. I needed roughly an hour just to straighten the cloth. It was so soft but once the tedious part of consoling the cloth to stay quiet was over and combining the front and back pieces together completed, it was really nice to wear. I roughly figured out how much centimetres to add so that a hidden zipper would not be needed. I have mastered the sewing of hidden zippers but I just preferred blouses without any zippers. 
Before these two pieces, I made this satin red with white lace. Mummy likes lace. I have totally no idea how to make this but well... it's not a perfect piece coz I don't even like it. I just like the red but the lace was too compact that it stifled the red underneath. 
The first piece for mummy was for Chinese New Year. It was Korean satin and it was kinda scary making for someone else to wear. I have not even perfected my sewing skills. Well, I have to start somewhere right. My mummy is now my guinea pig model...

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