Monday, May 29, 2017

Why My Mummy's Blouse Cost £999 999 999.99

Who made me upgrade my sewing skill to another level? That person is mi madre. Mi madre likes classical fashion that will never go off season. That will be a front-button blouse with collar~! Dang~! I have no idea how to do that. I have not even learn up to that level because almost every week I went for my lesson, forgetting what I just learnt the previous week. 

I have no choice but to just do it. So, mummy has to be my model. 
I put that price on because it's all my hardwork and my eyes were spinning in circles because of the cloth. I was literally in tears because the eyes hurt so much. I thought I could finish in one day but the hard labour stretched to 5 days long.

Day 1:
Trying to figure out how to draw the design. After it was cut out from the brown paper, 6 hours have flew by. Yeah... 6 hours. I think I was a real slow poke. Then, I spent a couple more hours just cutting the cloth, I was scared of making mistakes. Cloth cutting means there was no point of return. Then, made a few fusible for the collar, collar band and both sides of the button bands. The eyes refused to cooperate already.

Day 2: 
Fixing the yoke to the back portion with pleats and then fixing the yoke to the front. This was where I just saw my mistakes but the blouse was already done now with me improvising. I'm a novice who is always improvising like I'm a professional. I changed almost all paper patterns because mummy wants it this way and that. My teacher always tell me I can do as I wish because I'm the one holding the scissors. So, day 2 was just sewing two pieces here and there together

Day 3: 
I have many hours of free time and I could not even finish anything. It was my first time sewing until all seams were hidden. So, mummy can turn the blouse inside out and not be horrified with my handiwork. I was actually really proud of my sewing skill by now. Most of the straight lines were sewn straight. It's not easy to sew straight. Try drawing a straight line without using a ruler. 

Day 4:
The collar band was finally connected to the collar. This one mi madre helped out. Mi madre has no idea how to sew but mi madre has more common sense. I have no cow sense when it comes to sewing. I could even sew until everything turned out wrong.

Day 5: 
The button holes~! It looked so easy on YouTube until I realized that it wouldn't work. Then, I wise up and searched for my sewing machine model on YouTube to see how the button holes were being sewn. It was a completely different method. I spent so many hours doing the wrong way. This was my first time sewing buttons~! Yeah... yeah.... you will say it's easy but I did it wrong also. I had to remove a few times I thought the buttons would die in my hands. The cloth suffered bruises in many areas.
At last... it was done~! Mummy looks awesome in the blouse. It was cheap cloth but my teacher says that even with cheap cloth we could create something really beautiful and make it expensive. Oh, £999 999 999.99 is too expensive? Nah... it's not for sale. I will not simply make clothes for anyone. It has to remain exclusive.

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