Saturday, December 26, 2015

The ? Case...

I stitched the bear carrying the word LOVE. My pineapple wanted me to sew her a pencil case. I told her by the time I sew her one, she would have graduated from university or maybe retire from her future job, whatever she wants to be in future. But last Sunday, I made up my mind to quickly stitch that bear, the hubby was suppose to follow the design from the book but my precious said it was too complicated and for them both to study the methods of getting it right, my pineapple will really graduate from high school. So, my precious designed something simpler while the hubby worked on the sewing part. I wasn't too happy that it wasn't as what I wanted it to be, so I'll have to do it myself for the next one... hehehe... love you both... but that thing didn't even look like a pencil case. 

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