Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lessons From The Simple Blouse...

It's just another Sunday. The day I don't work. I'm not even cooking. I leave the kitchen to my precious. Our lunch will only be ready at dinner time. That's how long she took to cook two or three dishes. Well, at least she's cooking.

I, on the other hand, was adamant to make it happen. The book wrote there an easy-to-make blouse. After studying three books, I finally learned how to draft out a basic pattern that's according to my body size. I used the pinking shears to cut the fabric so that it would not fray. I will not want my hardwork to disappear in frays and frays of cloth.

You know whenever you checked out those popular people on Instagram, they have their OOTD *Outfit Of The Day* and it makes your head spin at how come they can afford all the branded stuff. How much is your worth? Clothes alone RM1000++... I do have two wardrobes bursting away but nowadays, I don't find anything I fancy. The price just do not match what's on the hangers and shelves. Thus, I decided to sew my own. I don't care that I'm such a slowpoke that I needed 10 hours to sew a simple blouse but I feel satisfied with what my hands can make. I have not learn the sewing jargon and symbols, but I'm just going to march on straight ahead. After I was done with my first prototype, I learnt a lot and when I got the expensive fabric, I made sure I have all the lines on the fabric as not to make any mistakes.
This is just a simple blouse. Do not know it's only simple when you have at least 10 years of clothes-making experience? Simple, my foot! It's like when you go hiking and kept asking those on the way down,"Excuse me, how long more before I reach the peak?" Those seasoned hikers would tell you,"10 more minutes, just around the corner." After 10 minutes and you haven't see the peak, you asked again at anyone crossing your path,"Excuse me, how long more before I reach the peak?" Fancy getting the same answer or even worse,"Just another 20 minutes or so." After all the questions and you realized that you needed at least 30 minutes or more before you can catch a glimpse of the peak. But when you are walking downhill and you were asked by others, you would give the same answer... just 10 minutes because going uphill and downhill were two different things. 

While I was sewing this simple blouse, it's not about sewing that's difficult. It's about the drafting, cutting, folding, tagging and making sure all corners match and you can get your head and arms out through those holes. Sewing is the simplest thing to do. After sewing this piece of blouse, if anyone shows me this blouse again, I will also say it's simple. Have you seen the behind the scene of anything that came out perfect? It was an uphill struggle. In conclusion, I feel that it's really worth my 10 hours.
My OOTD may not be any branded names known internationally or locally but I know where the material came from and what type of material it is. The shiny white with vibrant pink is Ptd Nakashin Japanese Cotton Poplin while the shocking pink is from the roll of plain Cinderella Italian Cotton Satin. 

The second blouse should be out by last week but the even simpler blouse was a thousand times more complicated than this easy blouse. I took the whole day to stare and brain-storm then finally waited for the hubby to decipher the pattern. I think I'm just going to try out on the cheap cloth as my prototype before getting expensive fabric.

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