Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Have Not Given Up...

I've probably not sewn anything since that skirt which I couldn't really breathe in. We have books which come with paper pattern. Earlier mi madre said she couldn't understand the messy paper patterns where you need to find the pattern that you wanted along with your size, trace it on a tracing paper and cut it out. I joined my banquet tables in the hall, tied up my hair and was adamant to get things done WITH the paper pattern. It was like walking in the gigantic airport, figuring out which gate you should enter from. I kept telling myself if I can read complicated maps and find my way around, I can do this too with only a few lines in different pieces of paper.
I have my complete stationery so I should not have any problem. I'm good in drawing. Finally, I got everything done on paper. I was adamant to cut out the cloth as well. That's the biggest hurdle that I didn't seem to be able to cross. I stared at the book page for hours and hours yet I couldn't figure out anything. I will come back to it soon. I just have too many things to do without much time in hand.

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