Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Gored-Skirt...

What is a gored-skirt? The answer is I don't know. I just flipped through mi mama's pattern drafting book printed in the 1970's, stopped at where I think I will want my first skirt to look like. It looks really simple but in truth, it's harder than logarithms and this makes algebra as easy as ABC. I was brave enough to just cut the cloth then I pinned and tagged and sewed the joinings incorrectly. Right now I feel that my vocabulary is so poor and limited that I don't speak 'sewing' language. A few months back the word 'dart' was so foreign to me. Today it's not that foreign but still... *sigh* At least I know what's 'grain'.... not the multi-grain that you eat. Sewing jargon is not something to be learnt in one day just like how Rome is not built in one day. Oh, I sewed those darts and then I combined those two pieces incorrectly~! Mi mama has to unpick those damn machine stitches and finished up the whole skirt because I couldn't understand a single thing of what the printed pictures in the book were talking about. Talk about pictures with less than 5 words and you were left to decipher on your own. It's good enough that I know how those pieces come about. You will need to squeeze your brain in order to understand pictures with less than 5 words. I will think of what's next. Need to let the brain recuperate from such shock.
According to Google, gored skirt is a skirt with triangular pieces sewn together. I don't see any triangular pieces but I did cut out a piece which looked like trapezium. No triangles though. This looked like a skirt for office-wear. I have no need for such skirt because my office is my bedroom and I can wear my pyjamas while working. Nobody will see. 

Is the skirt expensive? Cloth-wise: NO~! It's only RM2.50 for a metre but labour cost.... HHhhmmmm.... If I'm a professional... I will put RM250 for this skirt... you need to pay for labour charges. Go buy your own skirt from the departmental store or just order from Taobao. You can get it cheaper. 

How does it feel like to wear something that you have sewn yourself? Priceless... I just hope the skirt doesn't fall apart. I plan to wear it to church this Sunday. That's the only place that I need to wear neatly. On other days I just wear casual. My brain is needed while working, not what I wear. It doesn't matter what I wear on weekdays, if I can't come out with a solution to a question asked, my attire will not be able to save me.

That's a prototype skirt but I will consider whether I will want to sew it using a better quality, more expensive cloth. I have yet to step into Boon Wah Textile Shop in town. Let me just be with my first love, Kamdar.... Kamdar just extended another lot after Courts Mammoth left Bukit Jambul Complex... love you Kamdar. Don't ever leave me, okay. You're just walking distance... Gulati's, when are you coming over here?

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