Tuesday, April 7, 2015

For Prototypes...

I planned to make a skirt but I can't jump straight to using expensive cloth. So, I settled for the cheapest cloth ever. But the cheap cloth in Kamdar was really beautiful. It was just RM2.50 per metre and the pile of neatly folded cloth were of 5 metres for RM12.50. Since they're so beautiful, I bought all the four that I wanted. I don't like that girly cat but I like pink. And fancy having two ladybirds of different background colour. Now I understand what the lady working in Kamdar was saying the other day. She said some people just like to buy cloth without doing anything. It has this force of attraction which makes you buy the cloth without having any project in mind. I've taken up the courage to cut the pattern but then I don't know how to proceed. I have to dream about it first. When I've succeeded to come out with the prototype I might want to visit Boon Wah, the textile shop in town where so many have said that that shop has the best cloth ever~!

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