Monday, March 30, 2015

The Pain of Pattern Drafting...

I was thinking to myself that sewing a skirt should be as easy as ABC. I started reading on methods of drafting the pattern. The usage of the verb 'reading' is out of topic. There wasn't much to read as there were hardly any intelligible sentences to be found in the old printed books from Japan neither were there much well-written study notes from the Western-printed book. After fondling those books for weeks, I realized that the basic they taught newbies were never to be found in the front pages but at the last chapter. How horrifying to learn that~! After wrecking my brain for hours and days, I flipped those books right to the back to find that what I've been thinking were being explained in Mathematics formulae in the last chapter.
I studied the pattern then I changed them into my own measurements to fit myself, of course~! Then when it came to the hip measurement with the line being drawn slanted up, I started to think by how much should I slant the ruler? Shouldn't they tell us the angle? I was so frustrated I was about to use my protractor and used the scale drawing method to get them right. Then, when it came to drawing the lines for darts, the lines were not even perpendicularly straight. Then, I was about to use Pythagoras' theorem to solve it until I flipped through another book and found some more formula. I was erasing those lines so many times. Having to use rulers, pencil and rubber, shouldn't this be like an architect. Mi mama said if we're the architects, confirm the buildings would collapse. I have never used a pencil for many many years.
The printing was so minute, after squinting for so long, I ended up not knowing whether it was a 0.5cm or a 1.5cm. In the end, I used my camera to take a clear photo and enlarge it on screen. You see that word 'CONTINUE'.... Hello~!! Continue what? Again, I brought the book up to the bed and started wrecking my brain, thinking about what does 'CONTINUE' mean.... when I thought I have got the idea of what 'CONTINUE' means, then I saw those two double-edged sword arrow. I checked out the meaning of the symbol and it was written there 'grain line'.... WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??? I know multi-grain porridge and grain for chicken feed. I ended up having to Google for the meaning and in the end, I found the meaning.

I continue drafting the pattern only to realize that there's a huge gaping space in between and I did not get the similar drawing as the one in the book. I went to shit in the toilet while thinking. I suppose after releasing a small portion from the bowel, the brain will have more thinking space.

Actually, I planned to draft out what I wanted to sew on the brown paper, then transfer that brown paper drawing to the cloth for my prototype sewing. Then, when it's done I will be rejoicing. I ended up achieving nothing and then dragging the hubby up to brainstorm together with us. Mi mama was of no help. Mi mama literally cheat her way in sewing.
I became extremely tired after spending so much time on thinking. I told hubby that this is the most difficult hobby. Hubby said sewing and making clothes ain't a hobby. It's a vocation. *oooppppssss* Totally wrong choice for this year. But I'm adamant to succeed on this~! I called up two tailors who are running classes for those who are interested to learn. One refused to answer the call or to even reply to the text message. The other way never switch on the mobile phone even with such huge banner with the phone number printed. I'm not meant to attend any classes I guess... not that I have any extra time on weekdays. Let's see what I come out with next week.

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