Monday, March 30, 2015

Remembering Babitto...

I managed to finish two more applique designed towels. This is mi mama's towel. The towel is extra long maybe it's the mistake from the factory in India. Thank you for the wonderful mistake, though. We got a really good bargain. Mi mama wanted the rabbit applique so machine-sewed them on. This was the most perfect work without much wrinkled up designs.
I'll remember Babitto for life. I have not written a tribute post to him yet. Cannot come to terms that he died just like that. He's my most precious rabbit of all. Funny how I have 8 rabbits but I only loved him the most.That looked just like Babitto with fat and short legs, chubby face but the ears over here were too short.
Hubby wanted the dove designs. The towel just came out from washing and it's the hardest I've ever sewn. Two more towels done. Two more to go. But I'm into another different project now. The towels will have to wait.

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