Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Ever Kimono~!

When I wanted to start something, I would start immediately, dropping everything else away. This was started last year somewhere in December. I was using the old Flying Man sewing machine from Shanghai but the thread kept jumping on me. It got jammed once in awhile and I almost tear my head off my neck trying to figure out how the sewing machine should or would work properly. I even Google-d about the damn sewing machine. Mi mama tried helping out but because at home we have that antique hand sewing machine instead of the leg-presser one, mi mama was even more frustrated. In the end, one day, mi mama suggested that we go buy a brand new electronic sewing machine. So, we went as it was just a street away from our house. 

I have sewn the main frame together. Even learnt how to draw on the brown paper by scratch. Trust me, it was harder than Additional Mathematics. It was literally brain-wrecking. I stared at the design without reading every small print and I ended up staring at the design for hours, wondering what were the measurements. In the end, I saw the scales given for the small graph-like boxes. I felt like an idiot after that and I told myself to read every single print, be it big or small.

I don't like to start something and then pick up from where I stopped. I told mi mama that it should be thrown away. But in the end mi mama save the simple kimono. This was sewn using two different design of cloth. Hubby got me the cloth, a metre each to appease me at that point of time. I had no idea what I wanted to sew yet. When I decided on the simple kimono, I realized that for the front and back, I needed at least 2 metres, so I used both different cloth for front and back. The kimono looked rather crisp as it has not gone through its first washing. And it's really cheap cloth just to try out for fun. When I master the art of sewing and dress-making then I'm going to get myself all those expensive and comfortable cloth. Kamdar, I love you. Gulatis and Jakel, do you plan to set up a branch in Penang? If not I will go visit you when I'm in Kuala Lumpur.
It feels wonderful to be able to wear something that has been sewn in the house. The feeling is just like chewing on braised pork belly in soy sauce. I feel smug~!

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